When you’ve worked hard to design and maintain an outdoor living area that you love, it’s tough to close up and take everything inside once the temperatures drop. Fortunately, there are creative ways to warm up your outdoor space and extend the number of months you can use it.

Light a Fire

Outdoor fireplaces and fire pits will warm up your outdoor space. Outdoor fireplaces are often installed on patios or in covered seating areas. Providing that they are located in a sheltered area of the yard that is protected from cold winds, a fireplace will help to efficiently heat the space.

Fire pits must be used at least 10 feet away from covered areas and vegetation, including overhanging branches. They will help you stay warm while you and your family relax in chairs around the fire.

Use Patio Heaters to Warm Up Your Outdoor Space

Propane-fueled patio heaters are used everywhere from restaurants to backyards, and they can put out a surprising amount of heat.

You should always take care to operate them safely in an area with good ventilation. If using a tabletop patio heater, place it on a steady flat surface that won’t be jostled by someone walking by or sitting down.

Add Warmth with Layers

Just like you layer up and use blankets indoors to stay warm on chilly nights, you can do the same to warm up your outdoor space. Blankets will keep your family warm around a fire pit or sitting on the patio.

For even more warmth, use pillows and cushions on chairs and benches. Store patio-safe outdoor cushions in waterproof bins outside so you don’t have to worry about mildew or weather-related damage.

Use Rugs to Warm Up Your Outdoor Space

Most patios have a concrete floor. While this is great for durability, it will not retain heat and can make a space feel colder. Purchase an outdoor rug and use it on your patio to add some warmth and softness.

Rugs will also help warm up your outdoor space if you have a deck. If you are using an outdoor rug, do not place a fire pit or anything else on top of it that could throw sparks or embers and start a fire.

Choose a Fire Table

Another convenient way to warm up your outdoor space is with a fire table. These tables look like normal side tables or coffee tables but have a built-in fireplace. On top of being aesthetically pleasing, they add warmth on cold nights and give you somewhere cozy to gather with family and friends.

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