Springtime is here and the weather is getting warmer. This is the perfect time of year to tackle outdoor home improvement projects before the heat of the summer. Here are a few inexpensive upgrades you can handle in a weekend that will boost your property value and appeal.

Build a Fire Pit for Outdoor Home Improvement

Enjoy a campfire in your backyard when you build your own fire pit. It’s simple to create one from inexpensive pavers from your local hardware store. Choose an area away from the house and without overhanging branches. Make sure the ground is level, stack pavers in a ring, and use sand to line the bottom. This is a quick and inexpensive project. Depending on the material you choose, you can build a fire pit for as little as $50.

Add Comfort to Outdoor Living Spaces

You’ll be spending more time outdoors now that the weather is nice. Make your spaces comfortable and appealing. Porch upgrades are easy and inexpensive. If you have outdoor furniture, buy bright new cushions and a throw pillow or two. Adding a waterproof rug to your porch makes it feel more welcoming. New cushions will cost between $15 and $50 and you can purchase an outdoor rug for $40 to $100.

Revive Your Deck

You may have an older deck that you don’t use simply because it is not in the best shape. In most cases, it’s easier and less expensive to restore the deck than to build a new one. It will take a little work, but fixing the old deck won’t be too expensive. If your deck is gray and weather-beaten, some maintenance will make it look newer. Inspect the decking and replace any boards or railings that are broken or rotting. Pressure wash the deck to remove stains and algae. Next, sand the deck smooth. Finish up by painting the deck or applying a weatherproofing stain. You’ll have a beautiful space to enjoy the outdoors and you’ll probably spend less than $100.

Outdoor Home Improvement Includes Better Lighting

To improve the safety of your property and boost curb appeal, illuminate your outdoor spaces. Install better lighting for enjoying your deck and patio after dark. Add solar-powered lights beside the walkway to mark the path into your home. Hang string lights above the deck or around the hot tub for better visibility and to improve the decor. Solar lighting or string lights can be purchased for less than $20 for a set.

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