Don’t be intimidated by DIY bathroom remodel projects. You don’t always need to hire a professional to make improvements to your bathroom. If the design is outdated or materials are damaged, here are some tips for some bathroom upgrades you can tackle yourself.

Inexpensive Materials for Your Bathroom Remodel

Compare the cost of materials before you dive into any bathroom remodel project. For example, tile flooring is expensive and difficult to install. A more affordable option is vinyl flooring that mimics tile. It is still waterproof and suitable for bathrooms, but much easier to install.

Refinish the Tub

Removing an old tub is difficult and may have to be chipped away with a sledgehammer. Re-lining or refinishing the tub will make it look new without the heavy labor and high cost of installing a new one. Evaluate this option before removing and replacing the tub.

Water-Efficient Toilet

New toilets use less water than older toilets, which will save you money month after month. It is easy to remove an old toilet and install a new one. Simply turn the water off at the valve behind the toilet. Connect that hose to the new toilet and make sure the wax seal is in place at the base. For an even simpler update, swap out your flush valve with a water-saving model or purchase a tank bag to conserve water.

Refinish Cabinets for Your Bathroom Remodel

If your bathroom cabinets are sturdy but look worn on the outside, revive them with a fresh stain or fresh coat of paint. Changing out the cabinet hardware is another easy update that will transform the look of the space.

Another option is to add shelves to the inside of cabinets to make them more functional. Secure the shelves in place with sturdy brackets. This is a simple way to double your shelf space.

Storage cabinets with easy-to-open drawers that slide in and out will help you utilize the space under the sink. This improvement will help with bathroom organization.

Carefully plan your strategy when working on DIY bathroom projects. If you have more than one bathroom, go at your own pace and complete one project at a time. If you only have one bathroom, you may need to carve out several days to get the work done quickly while keeping the bathroom usable.

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