Why Make the Effort to Save Water at Home?

Clean water is a resource that many people don’t appreciate until it is not readily available. Water is wasted during everyday household activities yet can be easily conserved with a few simple habit changes. Here are some ways that you can begin to do your part to save water at home.

1. Wash Full Loads of Dishes and Laundry

While washing dishes and laundry in a machine rather than by hand does save water, it’s important to wait until you have a full load before you run the machines. It is more efficient to run one big load instead of several smaller loads, even if the machine has settings to adjust the load size.

2. Turn the Water Off When It Doesn’t Need to Be Running

Many people are in the habit of letting the water run when brushing their teeth, shaving, or lathering their hair in the shower. An easy lifestyle change to save water at home is to turn the faucet off when you don’t really need it to be on. This way you are not dumping unused water down the drain.

3. Install Aerators On Your Faucets

Faucet aerators are inexpensive and easy to install. They mix air into your water stream so that less water is used but the pressure feels the same (or in some cases, the pressure feels stronger). Installing aerators on all the faucets in your home can result in substantial water savings. This is a great option to save water without even thinking about it.

4. Buy WaterSense Products

WaterSense is a label on products that are certified by the EPA to save water. There are WaterSense toilets, showerheads, sprinklers, faucets, and more. If it is time for you to replace any of these items in your home, look for the WaterSense label before you buy.

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