If you have a baby at home, you may be concerned about safety in your house. As your baby grows, learning to crawl, toddle, and eventually walk, it’s your responsibility to keep dangers out of their reach. Here is a short article on how to babyproof your home.

Easy Ways to Babyproof Your Home

Making your house safe for a small child is not an impossible task. Here are some easy tips for successfully babyproofing your home.

Secure Heavy Objects

There are things in any home that could tip over and injure a curious baby. From televisions to cabinets, large and heavy items must be properly secured. Make sure the TV is mounted to the wall or sits in a cabinet that is anchored to a stud. Anchor objects like the oven, an upright piano, and bookshelves so that they cannot tip over.

Lower the Temperature on Your Water Heater

Toddlers are curious by nature and will explore anything that looks fun or interesting. Faucets are among the things they might play with. By lowering the temperature of the water heater to a maximum of 120 degrees, you can prevent a curious baby from scalding themselves.

Block Off the Stairs to Babyproof Your Home

A staircase can be dangerous for anyone, especially babies. As they learn to crawl and walk, even a small misstep can lead to a tumble. Use a baby gate to block access to the staircase until your child can manage the stairs safely.

Keep Chemical Products Out of Reach

Keep detergents, bleach, cleaning products, and other household chemicals on a high shelf. The cabinet under the sink should be clear of anything potentially dangerous. Otherwise, seal the cabinet with baby locks.

Remove Any Small Objects at Ground Level

Babies have a tendency to put everything they see in their mouths. This is a normal part of their development, but it can be dangerous if they grab something small enough to choke on. From decorations to bathtub stoppers, any choking hazards should be kept out of reach.

Babyproof Your Home by Covering Outlets

Electrical outlets pose hazards to babies and young children. Purchase outlet covers to install on every outlet within the baby’s reach.

Keep Windows Secured

Keep all windows closed and firmly secured. It is best to keep them locked so that a child can’t open them.

An infant’s curiosity can get them into trouble. Use this tips and tricks to keep your little one safe in the home.

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