Different things make their way into your home on a daily basis. You may not know that you are likely bringing chemicals into your home in these seemingly harmless ways.

1. 2-Butoxyethanol from Cleaning Supplies

You probably use household cleaners often when you tidy up your home. Many cleaning supplies contain 2-butoxyethanol. This chemical can cause irritation of the nose and eyes, vomiting, and headaches, so choose all-natural cleaners or make your own using vinegar and essential oils.

2. Formaldehyde from New Furniture

If you’ve brought a new piece of furniture into your home recently, it may have traces of formaldehyde that can irritate the eyes, nose, and throat. The low traces of this chemical found in new furniture is usually not dangerous, although prolonged and high levels of exposure can cause cancer. It’s a good idea to let new furniture air out on a covered porch before bringing it indoors.

3. Your Shoes Bring Chemicals into Your Home

You walk around all day with your shoes on, so it’s no surprise that they’re likely bringing chemicals into your home. Even if you don’t use pesticides in your yard, there’s a good chance you have walked somewhere that does use them. Vacuum and mop your floors often to remove pesticides and chemicals tracked in on your shoes.

4. Phthalates from Vinyl Floors

Vinyl flooring has become more popular because it’s a lower-cost alternative that mimics wood and tile. Unfortunately, vinyl floors can bring chemicals into your home. Many types of vinyl flooring contain phthalates, which linked to some cancers and diseases.

5. Powdered Cleaning Supplies Bring Chemicals into Your Home

Powdered cleaners are effective when it comes to cleaning your sink or other soiled areas in your home. Unfortunately, they often contain benzene, which can be harmful to your bone marrow and cause a decrease in your red blood cell count. If your cleaning agent contains benzene, you may experience dizziness and headaches. Replace these products by making your own cleaning powder from baking soda and table salt.

It’s best to eliminate chemicals from your home to protect your family’s health. Be cautious about what you’re bringing into your home and make choices to reduce toxic chemicals.

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