Mold causes health problems, looks unsightly, damages property, and can spread quickly if it is not treated. If your goal is a safe and healthy living environment, look for these signs of mold in the home.

1. Discolored Areas May be Signs of Mold

The most obvious sign of mold is visible growth. Mold may appear in damp environments around the house. It is commonly found in bathrooms, basements, and under sinks. Mold can appear in almost any color and as spots or streaks or small patches in the home.

2. A Musty Smell is a Common Sign of Mold

If you smell a musty, damp odor around your home, you could be dealing with a mold problem. If there is a persistent smell that you are unable to locate, mold may be growing behind the walls or in the carpeting. Mold tests are available to help you assess your environment for mold.

3. Health Issues May be Caused by Mold in the Home

Mold, especially black mold, can cause health problems. If you or anyone in your family is having respiratory problems, sneezing, fatigue, or other allergy-like symptoms, check your home for other signs of mold.

4. Signs of Mold Include Deterioration of Surfaces Around the Home

Mold and moisture go hand in hand. Moisture causes damage to structures and components around the house. Damp areas provide an environment conducive to mold growth. If you notice peeling or bubbling paint, soft spots in your flooring, rusting pipes, or water-damaged wood, you may have mold in your home.

Take Action to Remove Mold

Mold is a serious issue that affects your health and your property. If you notice any of the signs of mold such as visible growth, a musty smell, or health issues, take steps to remediate the problem as soon as possible. You’ll create a healthier environment for yourself and your family.

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