Even if you are diligent about caring for your home, termites can still be a problem. These tiny pests can cause thousands of dollars of damage to a house. Learn about the best ways to prevent termites in your home in this article.

Order an Annual Inspection to Prevent Termites

Experts suggest an annual termite inspection for every home. A termite infestation isn’t always obvious. Sometimes, only trained professionals can detect subtle indicators around the house. It’s always better to find colonies while they are in their infancy stages as opposed to well-established colonies causing widespread damage. Follow the tips that your termite inspector offers as closely as possible.

Remove Wood From Around the Foundation

You might have wood up against your home in one form or another. For instance, wood piles for fires are more convenient when stored near the door. One of the simplest ways to prevent termites in your home is by moving any wood several feet away from the foundation. Termites can’t find their way into the home if they don’t have direct access. Keep mulch 10-12 inches away from your foundation and trim branches and foliage that grows near your home.

Seal Gaps to Prevent Termites in Your Home

Inspect around your home, and seal any openings that might allow insects into the structure. Termites will use any small crack to access a food source. Sealing cracks and gaps reduces the chances of an infestation and expensive property damage.

Reduce Moisture Around the Structure

Water is a necessary component for termites’ life cycles. Damp wood is a perfect habitat for a colony. Maintain plumbing and drainage systems around the home. Repair any leaks and make sure your gutters and downspouts are clean to allow water to drain away from your foundation.

Replace Damaged Wood

If you notice any damaged wood around the home, have it removed and replaced as soon as possible. When making repairs, use wood that’s treated with pest deterrents to help prevent termites in your home.

Keep Wooden Accents in Good Condition

One way to prevent termites in your home is by paying close attention to wooden accents. Door frames, window trim, fascia, and siding are often constructed from wood. If it’s freshly painted, termites won’t usually work their way into these sections. However, areas with peeling paint and exposed wood allow pests easier access to the structure.

Hire a home inspector who specializes in termite inspections to perform an inspection annually. Follow these tips to prevent termites in your home to avoid expensive property damage caused by these insects.

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