Smaller kitchens often conjure visions of cramped cooking, limited countertop space, and disorder. But cooking in a small space doesn’t have to be such a challenge. These ideas for small kitchens will help make the most of the area while embracing the charm of a cozy space.

The Sink in a Smaller Kitchen

If you’re stuck in an inspirational rut, start with the kitchen sink. A sink is necessary, but you don’t need a huge double-bowl model. Install a single-bowl, under-mount sink where the edges of the bowl are concealed beneath the countertop. This gives you additional workspace on your counter. Even just a few extra inches of countertop will make a big difference in a small kitchen.

Vintage Appliances are Great Ideas for Small Kitchens

Smaller appliances are useful in areas where space is limited. Look for vintage or vintage-styled appliances. These are attractive options that are smaller in size. If an antique refrigerator or stove isn’t quite your style, look for compact appliances from modern manufacturers.

Use Vertical Space

When your floorplan doesn’t allow much room for creativity, consider how you can use your vertical space. Installing kitchen cabinets that extend to the ceiling will give you room to stow cookware, small appliances, and pantry staples. Drawing the eye upward also creates the illusion of more space.

If new cabinets aren’t in your budget, fill the space on top of your current cabinets with basket or bins to give you additional storage for infrequently used items.

Don’t Forget the Smaller Spaces

If you’re living with a small kitchen, you might dream of a pantry for food storage. While a full closet is probably out of the question, a pullout pantry takes advantage of the narrow areas in an already tight space. Install a space-saving, rolling pantry between your refrigerator and the wall.

Ideas for Wall Storage in Small Kitchens

If you need more storage area in your small kitchen, put the wall space to use. Kitchen walls are one of the most overlooked places for storage. Add a bar of s-hooks beside the stove or refrigerator to keep pots and pans nearby. Install towel bars to hang potholders and linens. Look for creative corner storage ideas to make better use of those under-utilized areas.

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