Although garages were designed to keep your cars protected, they are often used to store things that don’t have a place elsewhere in the home. Without a system for organization, your garage might become cluttered and disorganized. Below are a few tips and garage storage ideas to keep your space clean, neat, and organized.

Garage Storage and Organization Ideas

1. Custom Cabinets and Storage

Cabinets are a great way to keep your garage organized and free of clutter. Not all garages are the same; this is why custom cabinets are a great way to use the available space. Install cabinets along the wall and customize them to store the things you need.

2. Stack Bins Vertically to Save Floor Space

Storage bins will keep your garage organized and neat. These plastic bins help you easily separate and store equipment, clothes, toys, and even tools. Stack the bins vertically to save floor space in your garage. Although this is a great space saver, it does make getting things out of the bottom bin difficult. As a solution, you might choose to store the bins on a shelving system for easier access.

3. Use a Pegboard for Tools

A pegboard is a simple way to keep tools where you can see them. If you spend more time looking for the tool than actually using it, a pegboard makes it easy to hang, store, and find tools and gear to help keep your garage organized.

4. Overhead Storage in the Garage

There is often a lot of wasted space along the ceiling of your garage. This makes for innovative garage storage, as you can mount shelves and racks to the ceiling to maximize that space. Ceiling storage is useful for storing lightweight items and can even be perfect for keeping bicycles off the floor.

5. Sports Equipment Organizers are Great for Garage Storage

Sports organizers are large metal cages on wheels used to hold sports equipment. You might also use them for storing bags of fertilizer, soil, mulch, and other gardening supplies.

6. Install a Drop-Down Table or Workspace

The garage often turns into a place to work on your latest DIY projects. If you need a workspace or table, install one that you can fold up when not in use. This is a space saver that helps keep your garage neat.

7. Create a Storage Wall in the Garage

Storing items vertically along the wall is another way to keep the garage tidy and clean. Using the space on the wall keeps belongings off of the floor and makes the garage feel open and less cramped.

8. Corner Shelves

The corners of your garage are usually wasted space because angles are difficult to use. This is where custom corner shelves come in handy. Use scrap wood or plywood to make them yourself. Corner shelves are the perfect place for storing smaller items like glue, paint cans, oil, and car care products.

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